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What We Offer!


When you love what you do and who you do it with... you have truly found your peace. 


​The imagery of the food will only draw you in.. The taste will keep you coming back for more.  

Shrimp Lips has a desire to offer you the greatest options.  We alter our menu to reflect the desires of our customers request.  Travel and food have always been a comfort for the duo.  By having a food truck to station at different venues we are able to reach out to the city on a broader lever.  We want everyone to have the chance to taste what the city has been missing.  

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Phone:  614-596-0720
Email:  ShrimpLips614@gmail.com




Meet the Chefs!


A Family that Cooks together!

Shrimp Lips welcomes you into their kitchen to offer the flavor that you have been missing. Tangy Character, Fierce Cajun, and a ultimate burst of Southern Cuisine.  

The plates are made with a delicate touch of everything you crave.  Shrimp Lips uses a unique blend of spices and designs dishes that you cant find at any other Seafood location.  The techniques were crafted and passed on through generations.  The artistry of this food leaves you craving the flavor for days to come.   

Doe and Johnny Carter

Shrimp Lips is a locally breed family business that stems from southern roots.  The culture of the food is mixed with soul, classic jazz, and country feed love.  The Carters have three children that have ties in the food industry as well.  One of their son's owns a dynamic seafood restaurant in Bowie Maryland know as "The CrabBoss", their eldest son owns a prosperous company in Pensacola Florida and is known as "Big Al's Crabs", and their daughter is the owner of a flourishing seafood business and holds the title of "The Seafood Lady."     

Cooking and and catering comes as second nature to this family.  Doe and John Cater are married with a relationship built off of strength, integrity, compromise, and understanding. They believe in cooking amazing food for great people.  

Check out the Sea Food Lady!

What to Expect


When dining at Shrimp lips you find fresh ingredients, warm hospitality, and the best seafood platters around

What The Owners Say


We believe in keeping our excellence credible and our customers satisfied. -Doe Williams


Good Food is fuel for the Soul -Johnny Carter